A map generator for ProcJam2021, intended to create maps in the style of old fantasy books. Set the sliders and hit generate (and wait!). Many possible improvements that I might add after this jam version, lets see!

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Very nice. I'd like to see further versions of this.


Passing by to congratulate the creator for this amazing map generator and to suggest possible improvements. They are 1) the possibility of delimiting territories (countries, provinces, etc); 2) the ability to generate bigger maps; and 3) an option to export the map to JPG, PNG, SVG or other format. Those suggestion are based on the opinion that your work could become an useful tool for RPG players and writers.

I play a game that let's us create our own maps. We can also import a height map and then add our biomes and other goodies. Basically, the height map is darker is lower and lighter is higher.

Would there be a way to do something like that with this program?


Very cool!  Nice one Tom.  

I'm making a proc gen game called Secret Keep, where I make island based missions, and I found your GDC talk for Sir Your Are Being Hunted super inspiring.

This is really rad too!  Looks like you're using a lot of the same underpinnings here.  I have much still to learn!  :)